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Lisa C:  From the original phone call for information, I felt like I was talking to a friend. I explained how I PANIC at the thought of a Dentist chair and I was reassured that Dr Price was kind and gentle. I have NEVER ( and I will NOT say how many years I’ve been visiting a dentist because some of you will pull out your calculator to figure my age ) had a more calming and pleasant experience! Vicky advised them how nervous I was and the staff took the greatest of care to calm and reassure me during the entire exam. Dr Price walks in and addressed my fears first. He explained options to help and during the exam, I white knuckled the chair waiting on pain….. it NEVER came. He was so gentle and patient and calming that I wish I’d found him years ago. (Again, I’m not giving up how many years that would be) There are few things in life I detest more than that dentist chair, but I feel those days are behind me. I am looking forward to my future with Dr Price and this office and will yell from the mountain tops to all the Scaredy Cats around that we can now rejoice! My husband watched me tell this tale of my visit with open eyes in shock and says he wants to meet this staff and shake then hands of those that tamed my fears and have set me on the path of dental health again!


Sara S:   The whole office is warm, and very friendly, and always so helful! You will feel like family as soon as you walk into the office! I recommend this office to anyone that would like thier dentist visit to feel as if your visiting family, and feel as every minute of your time is appreciated and cherished!


Annika M:  I’ve been to plenty of dentists, but this is the first one that I’ve felt compelled to write about. You walk in the door and the front desk greets you with a smile and a hand shake. And it’s not one of those fake professional smiles that you get from most establishments, it’s a warm, authentic smile, making you feel welcomed. The office decor is new, spotless, and modern. I’ve been there for an extraction consultation and annual cleaning and check-up and Dr. Blair is fantastic! He’s thorough, friendly, and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. My cleaning was thorough and free of discomfort. And they even give complimentary teeth whitening supplies. They molded my teeth and I pick up the mold and bleaching supplies next week. I thought that was pretty cool. I highly recommend Princeton Dental. The patient care experience and customer service is superior by far to what I’ve encountered elsewhere, and I’m elated to have found them. The wait time is low. The follow-up is great. And you truly feel welcomed and well taken care of when there. Kudos to the staff!